Peoria Vocations

Everyone is called to something. What's your calling?

Catholic Diocese of Peoria : Office of Priestly Vocations
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Deacon Daniel Dionesotes

Birth Date

May 12

Parish Location

Holy Trinity, Bloomington

Year entered the Seminary/Class of

Entered in 2017, Class of 2023

Studying at
Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD

Why did you become a seminarian?

After I took my first college accounting exam, I knew that my plan for my life was not going to work out. It was through this time of uncertainty that I heard God first call me to priesthood. As I began to pray about this, I continually felt an immense amount of joy coming from the idea of God calling me to be a priest. I knew that my own plan for my life was nothing compared to God’s plan. In striving to more perfectly live out God’s will, I entered seminary.

Before you entered the seminary, what were you doing?

For two years, I went to college at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

An interesting fact about you

When I was taking the train back to Bloomington from Milwaukee one day, I was stopped by a worker at the train station who was asking to see my ID. She didn’t think I was old enough to be riding on the train by myself. I was 19.

Peoria Vocations

Peoria Vocations