Peoria Vocations

Everyone is called to something. What's your calling?

Catholic Diocese of Peoria : Office of Priestly Vocations
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Paul Rupert

Birth Date

December 22, 1999

Parish Location

Sacred Heart, Peoria

Year entered the Seminary/Class of

Entered in 2019, Class of 2026

Studying at
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, Winona, MN

Why did you become a seminarian?

On reflection, almost all of my heroes and favorite saints have been priests. All men of virtue are to be emulated, but the common thread of those lives that I found most inspiring was the priesthood. I went to Benedictine College and had a wonderful semester of college, and was still very unhappy. One evening I was so sick of not doing something about my love of the priesthood that I finally decided to apply. I found out later that that evening was October 1st, the feast of St. Thérèse, Patroness of Vocations.

Before you entered the seminary, what were you doing?

I was very active in Boy Scouts, working at Ingersoll Scout Reservation, and attended one semester a piece at Benedictine College, KS and Illinois Central College.

An interesting fact about you

I am an amateur composer in the messy process of writing two operas and a musical.

Peoria Vocations

Peoria Vocations