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Emmaus Days

Beginning in 1984, Emmaus Days is a vocations awareness experience sponsored by the Diocese of Peoria. By providing a spiritual, fun environment for young men, we help make them more aware of God’s presence in their lives and get them excited about living their faith.

At the heart of this discovery process lies prayer. Emmaus Days is full of opportunities to pray and learn, from Confession and Eucharistic Adoration to a variety of devotions like the rosary and brown scapular.

Participants are also given the chance to interact with priests, seminarians and others their own age, both in serious spiritual matters and lighthearted activities. From prayer and sacraments to basketball and water games Emmaus Days helps young men achieve a more spiritual approach to everyday life. Priests and seminarians will reveal their own experiences regarding their vocation and the spiritual life. Leaders will share stories about St. Aloysius Gonzaga, the Patron of Emmaus Days, and St. Therese of Lisieux, the Patroness of our vocation program.

If this mixture of spiritual activities and summer fun appeals to you, consider participating in the Emmaus Days experience! We promise that, after this summer of fun and faith, you will walk away with the confidence to pray each and every day the Emmaus Days prayer:

                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Lord, help me to want to be what you want me to be!”

Session I
June 9-11, 2023
Working & College Men
St. John's Catholic Newman Center, Champaign

Session II
June 23-26, 2023
High School Juniors & Seniors
St. John's Catholic Newman Center, Champaign

Sessions I and II are overnight retreats held at St. John's Catholic Newman Center in Champaign. Participants deepen their faith and focus on discerning God's will through prayer and the sacraments. By listening to and spending time with priests and seminarians, participants get a glimpse into their lives. Along with prayer and other devotions, activities like various sports and card games are played.

Emmaus Days: Sessions III & IV

Session III
July 16-18, 2023
High School Freshmen & Sophomores
Location: Eagle Crest Camp, Washburn IL

Session IV
July 18-20, 2023
Seventh & Eighth Graders
Location: Eagle Crest Camp, Washburn IL

Sessions III and IV are overnight retreats. Led by seminarians, participants hear God’s call to become authentic Christian men. The experience includes prayer, talks from seminarians and activities like basketball, ultimate frisbee, card games, and swimming.


Peoria Vocations

Peoria Vocations