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Catholic Diocese of Peoria : Office of Priestly Vocations
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Andrew Bilgri

Birth Date

June 5th, 1997

Parish Location

Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Peoria

Year entered the Seminary/Class of

Entered in 2021, Class of 2027

Why did you become a seminarian?

Towards the end of high school I had a reversion back to my faith, which sparked me to discover and spend a lot of time at the Catholic Newman Center in my first year of college. There I developed a relationship with God through prayer, the reception of the Sacraments, and making a gift of myself in service to others. It became natural for me to pray, “Father, what is your will for my life?” At first, the priesthood was not what I had in mind, but as I learned more about the importance of the priesthood and the mission of saving souls, I recognized that this was the best service I could do for God and for others.

What did you do before seminary?

I studied at Illinois State University where I was a music major.  My primary instruments were the tuba and euphonium and I had the opportunity to play in many performing ensembles.

An interesting fact about you:

I am currently enlisted as a soldier in the U.S. Army Reserves, and I serve our country as an Army Musician.

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